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XPET Foam Extrusion Technology

Would you like to learn how expanded polyethylene terephthalate (XPET) can drive your competitiveness, opening new doors to key markets and customers?

We are delighted to invite you to join our free to attend, exclusive webinar on XPET Foam Extrusion Technology, which will take place on June 16th and 23rd 2022. This will be able to answer all your questions on the opportunities, technologies, sustainability and practicalities of producing cost-effective, high-quality XPET foams

Solvent recovery: Applications, challenges and solutions

Solvents are essential for a wide range of chemical reactions, in particular in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The ability to recover solvents with high purity plays an important role in the profitability of manufacturing processes. Besides, there is an increased focus on waste reduction and recycling strategies. These issues require businesses to select highly effective separation solutions.  The webinar will give you an introduction on typical issues in solvent recovery, how to overcome and solve them by utilizing suitable separation technology.

Extrusion-based ePP

In this webinar we will give a comprehensive overview of PET, XPET as well as recycled and recyclable XPET. We will also look at the foam line technology, product quality, applications and of course the business case for you!